Bay of fires, St Helens, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires is a region of white beaches, blue water and orange-hued granite (the color of which is actually produced by a lichen). The northern section of the bay is part of Mount William National Park; the southern end is a conservation area.┬áSo says the oracle – Wikipedia … What I can tell…


I’m currently in Tasmania which is pretty chilly for a tropical bloke like me, and it’s in between seasons so probably not the best for dramatic landscape photography, I have however managed a couple of respectable shots, and will post some more once home and have access to more than my iPad. In the meantime…

The Equalizer..

The last Image (of three) taken at the same time as the previous two posts. Probably my least favourite but still good processing practice.  


This is taken a little earlier than the shot in my previous post (Check it out here) In both images I’ve been practising using luminosity masking in my workflow – I’m happy to say I think I’m finally getting my head around it. This is just down the road a little way at Tipperary Waters,…

Fishing Boats ..?

Taken at “The Duck Pond” Darwin Northern Territory – Click on the image for a better view. Disappointing there wasn’t more cloud to make the sky interesting, and I can’t tell you anything about these boats because I have no idea, presumably they’re fishing boats but what their catch is, is a mystery to me….

Katherine Gorge

This was my first outing with my Fuji X-T1 back in April 2014. This is a re-edit after learning some new post processing techniques. Click Image for a larger view. Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

I’m a wedding photographer again….

I hear ya..God help the bride and groom. Levity aside, I’ve been pretty busy at work lately and haven’t really had the time to pursue any personal photography projects, but thankfully I was fortunate enough to be asked by a friend if I could take some images at his wedding..had a great time and was…


  This is a recent shot, which I’ve re-edited to give a warm and soft glow, the original below more closely resembles the actual colours of the late afternoon. I like them both, but lean toward the Warmer version, but perhaps with a little less glow?

Vesty’s Beach Sunset

  I was scouting for something to try my hand at “focus stacking” with, and whilst this isn’t really a good image to try it on (ideally need something in the foreground and background big enough to focus on), but this caught my eye so I decided to have a go anyway. Upon reflection I…

Rhapsody on the Seas

I went for a stroll along the Wharf precinct yesterday, and saw this bloody great big ship parked up, it’s called Rhapsody of the Sea’s, and according to the passengers I spoke to, it’s pretty flash ! Good luck to them I say.? A couple of images for scale as well as a black and…