A day with the “prophotonut”..

A few months ago I had the opportunity to spend a day with Damien Lovegrove and three other like-minded individuals to learn secrets from the master about Hollywood lighting.

The day started out in the worst possible way – I was as crook as a dog and my guts was churning like a croc with an unsuspecting tourist, it had been getting worse over the last few days (dunno why could have been some of that frog food in Paris ?) but I was determined to soldier on. I got to the venue early, but no other bastard was there, it was drizzling, I was freezing my arse off, and the place was locked up tighter than an all girl boarding school – good start – I think not! I rechecked my emails and confident I was in the right place went in search of an open door – found the tradies entrance (guess they knew an Aussie was coming) and worked my way inside, then mooched around till I heard some voices – thank the gods there was life inside the walls.

Once we’d all met and carried the gear up to the rooms, it was down to business. Victoria (the model) and Vicki (hair and makeup) were already on the job, so we had a chit chat about what was what, outcomes what to look for, blah blah blah. The setting was fantastic, Damien was brilliant, not too much techno mumbo jumbo but enough information for everything to make sense. The highlight was, of course, shooting a professional model with a blow by blow instruction of how / why to set up the lighting, framing, posing, camera settings, etc

Enough babble below are some images from the day

The day was brilliant, Victoria was oh so patient with us (thankfully) and if I had the opportunity I would do it again in a heartbeat, my Lupo 650 dual colour DAYLED Fresnel is on order (rubbermonkey.com.au),  and I can’t wait for its arrival to keep on practising.

See more from the master here

Until next time…

Stay Well.


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