Bec and I work together, and her being from the selfie generation was more than eager to help me practice/learn how to take a few portraits, I’m not sure if that makes her my muse or my guinea pig, but we did have a bit of fun and plan on getting together again for some more shots once my new studio light arrives?

This all came about after spending a day with Damien Lovegrove in the U.K, and having previously said that people photography has no interest for me, I find that I’m keen to further my knowledge of lighting, in particular, the Hollywood lighting style, and am currently waiting on the arrival of a new constant (ie, not flash) LED studio light with a fresnel lens so that we can have a go at some hard light, Hollywood-style images, in the meantime I’ll keep practising with flash and work on posing etc.

Until then – Stay Well.


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